Hello, Spring! Hello, my favorite skirt!

For my first blog post it seems fitting to show-and-tell one of my beloved thrift store finds and wardrobe pieces I found last summer. It’s a blue wrap skirt with birds and flowers (two of my favorites!). It’s definitely an older skirt, which also makes me happy since I adore most things vintage. The skirt is also modest; not tight or short. Oh! Can’t forget the pockets! It’s all-around adorably classy.  I pair the skirt with either my pink, 3/4 sleeve shirt (because pink and blue are so fun together) or my white, 3/4 sleeve blouse (for a classier, more sophisticated look). For shoes, I choose either my white, textured wedges or my white sandal wedges.

My goal is to use this skirt as a pattern to make more for my daughter and myself. Heaven on Earth would be to have a collection of this skirt!

Yours truly,

The Classy, Cheap Chick

P.S. Yes, those are dogs in the background. Mary had a little lamb. I have a little pack.

Please bear with me. The quality of my photos will get better.

blue wrap skirt


2 thoughts on “Hello, Spring! Hello, my favorite skirt!

  1. I love your skirt. I’ve been toying with making the girls skirts… just need to find a pattern I like or go thrift shopping and hunt for a vintage piece like you’ve found😍… very classy… beautiful darling!

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