The One that Got Away.

Just about everyone has given away or sold something only to regret it. You know it is true regret when you think of the item more than the money you received from its departure. Or you look at where it once sat. Or maybe you look at the photos of it in your phone from your time together. Okay, maybe that last sentence or two isn’t true for everyone…

Well, last summer I found a makeup vanity at a yard sale for $15. I bought it with the plan to refinish it and sell it for a profit. A little girl had obviously been using this vanity based on the paint, hardware, and stickers all over it. I have refinished wooden furniture before (blogs on that to come), so I knew I could handle it. Even though I had a vision, this piece turned out better than I imagined. I fell in love. Yet, I still sold it for some extra money. The beauty sold in less than two hours on my local Facebook yard sale site!

To this day I  miss that vanity and wish I had not sold it.

There are two morals to take away from this story.  The first one, and the thrifty moral here, is to find what you want or need used, and to put work into it if needed. It will make you love the item even more because of the hunt, great deal, and possible TLC you have to give it. Moral number two is to not part with said piece if you love it and do/could use it.

I do not know where my Before photos went, but I do still have one. Here are photos of the vanity that got away.


The top photo is the Before. She was a mess!


After, but before I cleaned up the work zone.


My dogs are everywhere!


*sigh* Such a beauty. I amazed myself on this project!


Sanding all of the paint off, staining, and finishing the top with polyurethane was the way to go for sure.


Details, details.


Details matter.


The white paint with the gold hardware just does it for me!


Simple class. Just lovely.



5 thoughts on “The One that Got Away.

  1. Great job on the vanity😍… that turned out amazing. Sorry it’s gone now. I’ve done the same in the past also… who knows there could be an amazing find in your future that you could fix up and it may even turn out better than the last 🤔😉


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