How to get the most Clean for your Buck

Cleaning my bathroom has motivated me to write about two cleaning products every home should have. They’re extremely effective and economical.

About seven years ago, as I was getting close to obtaining my degree, I decided my associates in accounting didn’t mean much to me, that I was tired of school work, and that I wanted to do my own thing to “stick it to the man”. So, I found toilets to clean. That’ll show ’em! …whomever I was rebelling against.

I think the truth is, despite being pouty and stubborn at times, I have known my calling is helping others. I love to offer my services in ways that take care of people or make their lives better. I truly enjoyed helping most of the people I have met. My motto on my business card is “A clean house is a happy home”. I hear your approval of my wit and I thank you. 🙂

These days I only help two families by choice, but my house cleaning business has done fairly well for being a one-woman show. I have had several clients. At my peak I was cleaning two houses a day five days a week. Talk about exhausting! However, it was a great way to monetize my high standards and domesticness (I make up my own words) while working around my family’s schedule.

I have gained plenty of experience cleaning other people’s homes; even taught myself a few new tricks along the way. It was humbling at times. From it all I have narrowed my cleaning products down to two must-haves and have learned tricks to reduce waste. This means I am also saving money.

All that blabbering about my background to tell you the dynamic duo I demand you have in your home. Ready? They are Dawn Platinum and OdoBan. I use them in my kitchen, bathrooms, to dust, and to mop. I mix them for some jobs, but not for others. Very versatile.

Just when you think Dawn could not be any better than its competitors, the company goes and outdoes itself. I don’t know how many people know about this amazing concoction, but I want to recite love poems dedicated to it from atop the highest building…using a megaphone…dressed as a bottle of it. Half kidding. Anyway, you can choose between the foam pump or the usual pour bottle. I like both. It’s probably just personal preference, but either way you will be cutting grease and soap scum like you never thought possible. The suds and cleaning ease make me so happy!

OdoBan is a product my mother used when I was growing up. I am the oldest of seven children and we always had some dog or cat we rescued. There were plenty of messes and germs to clean. Back then there was only one scent – Eucalyptus. Today there are four others. I like them all, but prefer the linen scent. OdoBan is a serious germ (we’re even talking HIV!) and odor (even cat urine!) killer that comes concentrated in a gallon sized bottle. It’s a safer alternative to bleach for disinfecting and sterilizing. You can find OdoBan at Home Depot right at $10 per gallon. You are in control of how strong you want to dilute the cleaner, depending on the job at hand, but there are helpful directions on the label. I use OdoBan for pretty much EVERYTHING! Laundry, bathrooms, kitchens, mopping, carpet shampooing, dusting, back porch, patio furniture, upholstery, cars, dishes, and I’m sure there is something I am forgetting. Click here for Home Depot’s impressive selection of OdoBan products.


*Edit* Disclaimer: OdoBan does not recommend mixing products. Do so at your own risk, as I have…as a fellow consumer. If you choose not to mix, clean hard surfaces with Dawn then mist diluted OdoBan and dry with a paper towel or cloth for germ killing.

My favorite way to clean a kitchen is to use the dynamic duo and a rag. Clean the sink, then fill up one side of the sink with hot water, a little Dawn, and a short pouring of OdoBan. (I always wear gloves to protect my hands.) Take a clean, scrubby rag to dip, ring, and wipe the entire kitchen to a beautiful shine. Change the water as needed. You can even use this to clean out the fridge. A paper towel and a squirt bottle just can’t beat this method.

The way I clean bathrooms is similar. I will use a little Dawn in the sinks, toilets, and tubs. I use a clean, scrubby sponge for the sink and tubs/showers. I pretty much only use paper towels in the bathrooms, touch ups in my kitchen, and for food use. I have a squirt bottle containing OdoBan and water that is used for cleaning the rest of the bathroom…including where the Dawn was applied.

A dust rag and light solution of OdoBan is great for dusting because it kills germs while leaving a pleasant smell. Mopping with the duo is similar to kitchen cleaning except the solution is not as strong, is contained in the squirting mop, and a microfiber mopping pad is used.

The cost of the Dawn Platinum and OdoBan together is less than $15. Both bottles will last a while. Rags, sponges, and mop pads are washable. So, all is economical.

Now for a little before-and-after for your viewing pleasure, and for my proof.


Real life! My kitchen takes a beating from time to time. Kids…


Much better! The zinnias are from my garden. 🙂


I need to write about that antique beauty you see on the left.



A client’s bathroom I cleaned last week. See that shine? Better get out your sunglasses. ;p


Have I convinced you?


3 thoughts on “How to get the most Clean for your Buck

  1. Tried your mixture in my bathroom yesterday and couldn’t believe how funky my sink area was!! My counter too was a mess between makeup, kids, and cats!!

    The Dawn pump is a miracle worker on dishes! Seriously cuts cleaning time in half no matter what I use it on!! Thanks for your years of cleaning advice!!

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