I Heart Wreaths!

Today I made an unplanned purchase and craft worth sharing. 🙂

I am a wreath addict! They are so versatile and add a ton of life to any room. I make them to be creative and thrifty. Somehow I am out of summer wreaths for my door (gasp!), so I don’t feel guilty. That and it only cost me $10. This cool, dreary May day calls for a pretty DIY.

Michael’s craft store has sales and coupons every day. One of today’s sales is 50% off spring floral stems. Pink has been my favorite color since I can remember, yet I don’t remember making a pink flower wreath. Today is just THE day.

I found this pretty pink, high quality stem for $6:


A coupon for 40% off any original priced item can be found on Michael’s website. I pulled up one on my smartphone and used in on an 18 inch $5 vine wreath.

With some cutting, placement, and a little hot glue I created this wreath:


I don’t usually make this style of wreath, but again today just called for it. I normally cover the whole wreath with prettiness. I like the outcome. I almost added a bow, but in the end decided to keep it very simple. Pink and green together are one of my favorite color combos too, so there’s an added bonus. As they say: #CurbAppeal 😉

Happy May, everyone!


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