The Poor Little Thing just needed some Love…

Several months ago I was visiting a flea market I had forgotten about when I spotted a unique piece of furniture sitting outside in a sea of junk. I assumed it to be a stereo cabinet from the 50’s or early 60’s. I’ve been a fan of mid-century furniture since before it was cool, so I had to rescue it. And for $7 how I could I not?


I had been thinking about what I wanted to do with it up until last week when a light bulb finally turned on. I decided to paint the piece two colors and add a back to make it a FUNctional (no, the dorkiness never ends) piece for a teen girl’s room. Today I finished turning my vision into reality.

Of course no project is smooth sailing from start to finish. I won’t get into all the drama, but let’s just say this one almost had me rocking myself in a corner by 9 o’clock last night. Despite all that, the experience gained and the outcome makes it completely worth it.

My tips to you readers for DIY and upcycling projects are to make sure you have primer (can’t go wrong with original Kilz), good quality painter’s tape, and don’t skimp on the paint brushes or rollers! If you need to strip paint, condition wood, or sand then do it. I am not one to simply spray paint furniture…unless it is something truly simple. The goal is to buy the furniture for cheap and to make it look WOW. Low quality supplies and lazy techniques will not give you the desired look.

Bottom line – Have a plan. Take your time. Do it right.

For my project I started off by selecting two paint colors from my hoard…I mean inventory. Then got to work sanding, cleaning, and painting:


I knew I wanted light gray marble-looking contact paper for the back, but I couldn’t find it locally. However, I found glitter contact paper!!! I didn’t even know that existed! So, I stood in the store torn between two options for several minutes:image

My Barbie glam self chose the glitter. (The 80s and 90s were by far her best years.)  What teen girl wouldn’t want this happiness in her room?!

WARNING! Applying contact paper to a large surface is not for the impatient! Oh my, talk about trial and error. I learned that turning my rectangle vertically was the best way to apply. I took my time and let the paper be the boss. You just cant force it or you will have a mess. I suggest making sure you’re not hungry before starting. 😉

Backing for projects like this can be bought at any home improvement store. They’re essentially 1/8 inch thick sheets of super heavy duty cardboard. The price is low, and an employee will cut it for you if you bring your measurements.

Okay, painting is done, contact paper was conquered, and the back is on. Now for the reveal!


I have a couple nit picky things left to do, but it should be ready to sell this week. I truly hope it brings someone happiness!




6 thoughts on “The Poor Little Thing just needed some Love…

  1. Wow! That turned out really good!! Way to go babe!! And I totally agree on not skimping on good quality products for your projects!! Love this piece!!

    Liked by 1 person

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