Unique Wall Art Decorating Idea

When it comes to decorating I like to be thrifty, stylish, and unique. I don’t want my decor to be where all my money goes. I also don’t want my home to look like anyone else’s.

Even when decorating my children’s rooms I stick to my mission.

My daughter and I started collecting embroidered and cross-stitch wall art for her room a few years ago. Even though we have filled up most of her walls, we still enjoy the hunt when we go to antique and thrift stores. My daughter’s collection has given her bedroom a fun, homey feel. It’s definitely not like any other girl’s room. Nor is it boring. Another perk is the decor has grown with my daughter; she continues to love her room.


These fabric wall hangings are handmade, not mass produced, framed, and priced low. I love how no two works of art are identical. My daughter and I see our collection as making sure all these people’s hard work is appreciated. Ā šŸ™‚

If anyone is tired of the cookie-cutter children’s decor and their prices, maybe this will inspire an idea.



One thought on “Unique Wall Art Decorating Idea

  1. I love that she loves vintage works. My girls are the same… they see the beauty in the unique handcrafted items over the mass produced items anyday… even in the vintage dresses… they would rather have those than something found at a chain store. Way to raise her right!! šŸ’—


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